Dustin L. Derry

I am a freelance lighting designer and master electrician in the Chicago theatre industry.   I attended National-Louis University from 1997-2001 as a technical theatre major with a focus in lighting design.  I have been working professionally in the industry since 1998 and have been involved in hundreds of shows since.  I have a variety of technical skills including but definitely not limited to Lighting Design,console programming, moving light programming and repair, stage management, technical direction, and I can even run sound or build a set when occasion calls for it,   I have been working as the Master Electrician for the North Shore Center for Performing Arts in Skokie since 2001.  That experience has gotten me quite used to working under lots of pressure, very little time, and with little or no rehearsal.  If you need a show put up and looking good NOW, I am your guy.

I have a very no-nonsense philosophy when it comes to design and getting a show up and running.  While my designs tend to be simple, the results are often pleasing to the eyes and efficient to get up and running.  I don't muck about with extranious FX and gadgets unless I KNOW they work before I hit the venue and I am very quick to cut things that stand in the way of putting on a solid production efficiently.  This, however, is not to say I don't think outside the box.  I just know, all to well, that there is a time and place for experimentation and in the venue on load-in day is NOT one of them.  A little bit of research and pre-planing goes a LONG way when trying to work in a time-crunch.

As of late, I have been experimenting with different virtual rendering techniques and will be able to provide my client with full show virtual animations within the year.  For my drafting I use Vectorworks 2014 with Renderworks and 3d StudionMAX to build virtual scale models and then port the 3d models into ESPvision for rendering  for client previews and pre-cueing with actual consoles(to save time the venue).  If you need a show rendered, let me know, I will make sure the software is available to us and get moving ASAP.

As for gear and consoles... Well, I am now the proud owner of a PC-based lighting console with touchscreen programming.  Currently I am using Chamsys' MagicQ PC system  2 Enttec Artnet DMX boxes and an Enttec USBPro for output.  The good news is I put this system through its first full bore trial run in December of 2007 and it passed with flying colors.  Since then I have used the console on hundreds of shows all with astounding results.   With this system I can confidently compete with a WholeHog console for robustness, ease of FX creation, and total show control (this includes working with DMX based projectors and media servers).  If there is a technology that you need to use that I don't know intimately, I will gain the require knowledge and efficiency usually within a day or two of home experimentation.

If you have any questions or want to hire me to light a show for you, feel free to drop me a line.  If I cannot take the job, I know someone who can.