Lighting Design - 

Console and Moving Light Programming- I have a multitude of consoles I am familiar with and perfectly at home programming-

ETC- Eos/Ion, Congo, Expression 3, Expression 2x with moving light module, Express 48/96, 77/144, 250, Insight, Obsession 2, Microvision, and Emphasis Servers

Chamsy Magic Q - I am one of the few people in the US who is an expert with Chamsys Consoles.  If you are not familiar with the software, your are missing out on one of the most powerful desks available that incidentally cost 30-50% less than comparable HOG, MA's, and ETC's.

Flying Pig- Hog 500, Whole Hog 2, Hog 3, Hog IPC, and Hog PC

Colortran- Innovator, Status, and other older consoles

Other- Horizon, Leprecaun manual and computer boards, and the new Chamsys MagicQ

Drafting- Have a great idea and a sketch, but don't know how to get create a scale drawing, rendering, or 3d modeling.  Let me do it for you.  I prefer to work in Vectorworks 2014.  Need AutoCAD or 3D Studio Max?  I am proficient in both of these as well. 

Virtual Rendering- Need to take a design you have already plotted and create a virtual rendering or animation to show your clients?  I will create one for you using YOUR drawings or CAD files OR create news ones to give you an edge over the competition.  (Depending on the quality and quantity of information you provide, turn around times can vary).  Using ESPVision so we can also pre-cue your shows in a virtual venue even months ahead of the show.

Systems Design- If you are retrofitting a system or creating a new space, I can provide you with a full lighting system to fit your budget, space, and needs. 

IT Consulting- My years at IBM as a technical support administrator have given me a unique understand of network design, troubleshooting, and administration.  Using this knowledge coupled with DMX, Sandnet, and Artnet protocals, we can create wireless DMX and control solutions, data and media servers, as well a full networking solution for your business.